Introducing KettleOS

KettleOS is a platform purpose-built to help hybrid teams make better decisions, while simplifying meetups so people can coordinate and collaborate more effectively. By gaining metrics and visibility over how and why teams are meeting, KettleOS offers team leaders the ability to work with their team members to develop an optimal work lifestyle.

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Hybrid workforce management software

Driven by People and Purpose.

When teams meet in-person, they care about two things: the people they are meeting with and the activities they want to accomplish while they are together. Getting together doesn’t have to just be about work - it’s about collaboration and building relationships.

KettleOS is more than just booking a space or a workstation.

It is a comprehensive system that blends booking, communication, self-organizing, and visibility in a single platform that is centered around people connecting with a purpose.


Transform your workplace from an obligation to a destination

Company culture is driven by collaboration, mentorship, and building bonds or friendships. KettleOS is an integrated workspace management platform that empowers teams and people to co-locate with purpose in order to achieve the best hybrid work environment.

The way we work has changed. KettleOS unlocks the potential of intelligently managed hybrid work, helping you realize better results and boost employee happiness.

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